Diesel Engine course Online

Diesel engine used on RYA Diesel engine courseAs an introductory offer, this 20 hour self-study course costs only £35.
It provides the essential knowledge required for the care and maintenance of an onboard diesel engine.
No prior knowledge is required.

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Mechanical failure is the main cause of rescue call-outs to cruisers. Basic maintenance and engine care will help ensure that you are not part of this statistic.

Most engine problems can be avoided by taking simple precautions, and you don’t need a detailed mechanical knowledge.

This course teaches you how your engine works, how to keep it healthy by using basic checks and maintenance procedures, and how to get it started again in the event of a breakdown.

Whether you sail a yacht with an auxiliary diesel engine or are a motor cruising enthusiast, this ONLINE Diesel Engine course could not just save you money, but one day could save your life.

The Video below is an extract from the course.