Yacht Charter


Now that you have won your hard earnt qualification, you may wish to charter your own yacht.

Perhaps you’re dreaming about relaxing, unwinding, and taking pleasure in the simple things of life: spending your days in tranquil bays, under infinite blue skies with dawn to dusk sunshine and moonlit, starry nights, as your yacht peacefully glides into another unspoilt mooring in the midst of nature. Contemplate the joy of diving into those cooling waters that surround you—it’s like swimming in liquid turquoise light—or spend some time exploring beneath the sparkling sunlit waters with a snorkel and fins.

SAILTRAIN has partnered with BOATAROUND to provide you with the best choice of chartering options, in exotic locations such as: Croatia, Greece, Italy, Turkey and Corfu.

For more information and to book your charter just click on the logo below.



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