Online Theory Courses

Sailtrain’s online theory courses include: RYA Online Essential Navigation, VHF, Day Skipper Theory, Coastal / Yachtmaster Theory, Yachtmaster Ocean theory, CEVNI, PPR and the new Safe & Fun Safegaurding Course.

Each online theory course has fantastic step by step online animations to make RYA online courses easy to follow and come to life. Work at your own speed and in your own time.

How the online theory courses work

Our online theory courses are the latest online learning programmes with brilliant animated graphics.

The online quizzes give immediate results, are fun to use and take you through every stage of the course.

Buoyage IALA area A

Unlike other distance learning courses, these are not slide shows or video CD’s but a fully interactive learning suit full of fun quizzes and active diagrams..

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No waiting around

Our automatic feedback system gives you instant access to correct answers.

Mobile device compatible

The RYA Day Skipper theory course is compatible with your Ipads and other mobile devices. All the courses are PC, Mac and are multi-browser compatible.

Excellent value for money

A course is only good value if you enjoy it, complete it and on completion gain the qualification required.

We care about your results and will do everything we can to ensure you attain a high-level pass and are never in the position of having paid for something you did not receive.

The courses are designed to be interesting, even described as addictive and are a learning journey that will take you through animated lessons and quizzes until you are fully prepared to take and pass your assessment.

More Information

You can book an online theory course right now, just click our Booking Button and you will be working immediately, knowing your RYA pack is on its way.

Advantages of the courses:

Tidal heights

  • The assessment can be done online in your own home
  • A dedicated instructor, for the duration of the course
  • Immediate access to corrected answers
  • Proven teaching methods that really do work
  • Interesting animations that bring the course to life
  • On completion, access to the lessons for revision
  • Speedy responses providing feedback, personal help and instruction
  • RYA certification on satisfactory completion of the course.
  • 6 months to complete your course with optional extension.

For the Day Skipper Coastal/Yachtmaster and Yachtmaster Ocean courses Sailtrain is an RYA recognised training centre acting as an agent for Navathome a RYA Recognised Training Centre specialising in online training.

Navathome’s very successful online RYA theory courses result in RYA shorebased theory certificates.

Sailtrain offer student courses that are provided and delivered by Navathome

These suites of courses are professionally written by fully qualified RYA instructors with a background in e-learning and computer programming.

If you wish to use your theory Coastal/Yachtmaster or theory Ocean Yachtmaster for Commercial use (i.e. MCA large yacht qualification etc.) in order that it can be independently invigilated, the final assessment (approximately 2hrs) will need to be taken at an approved RYA training centre.