Refund Policy

Sailtrain Ltd – Refund and Cancellation Policy

Within this Refund and Cancellation Policy:
“We”/”our”/ “us”/”Sailtrain” means Sailtrain Limited
“Purchaser”/”customer”/”client”/”you”/”yours” refers to a person or legal entity making a purchase from
“Product” refers to any Online course, or other data or service that is available to purchase at

This refund policy relates to those customers trading with us as a business and as a Consumer

For the purposes of this Refund and Cancellation policy a Consumer means any person who is acting for purposes that are outside their business.


The sale of each online course is a final, non-exchangeable, non-refundable transaction.
Upon purchase, course login’s are sent immediately to the email address provided by the purchaser and are available from login. Once the email containing the login details has been sent from Sailtrain to the email address provided by you, you do not have the right to receive a refund.

If Sailtrain has to cancel a course due to COVID-19 restrictions impossed by the UK goverment or local council, a full refund or alternative date will be offered. If you (the customer) have to cancel due to your own COVID-19 situation (illness, isolation or restrictions) then our usuall cancelation policy applies. In this instance you should contact your insurer or credit card company to recover any incured costs


The sale of each course/invigilation/assessment/exam or any other product is a final, non-exchangeable, non-refundable transaction.
Upon purchase, login details are sent to the email address provided by the purchaser and are available for use. Once the email containing the product has been sent from Sailtrain to the email address provided by you, you do not have the right to cancel an order for any course or product.


We cannot be held liable if you have purchased the wrong product or course. If you require assistance in purchasing the correct item please contact us and we will help you. Any replacement purchase will carry a charge.


It is our customer’s responsibility to provide their correct email address in order that the product can be delivered by electronic means.
All outgoing emails from Sailtrain are logged on our system. However we are unable to check if an email has been received or opened or read and therefore no refunds can be given for login’s, once emailed from us or products dispatched. If you have not received a login or product because you have entered an incorrect address or email address we cannot be held liable for non-receipt of the purchase and a refund will not be given in these circumstances.


Samples of our courses are freely and widely available from many pages on our website in addition to detailed content descriptions. This information (in conjunction with the samples) gives the customer the opportunity to make a well-informed decision about any course or product that they may wish to purchase. If you are not sure about the content of any course or product please contact us prior to making your purchase.

If you believe you have been supplied a product which is not in accordance with the description we have provided please notify us within 72 hours of receipt at


We make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information contained in our courses is up-to-date and accurate. However, the courses are provided by third parties. If you believe that any of our products are inaccurate or incomplete and if, upon investigation, your belief is upheld by us we will correct the situation and supply a replacement free of charge. If we are unable to correct the situation or there are on-going issues we may issue a refund.
If you believe you have received an incomplete or inaccurate product please notify us within 72 hours of receipt at


The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 do not apply to the courses that we sell because of the instantaneous method of delivery.

On receipt of your request or offer for a product along with simultaneous payment for the same product we will have been deemed to have accepted your offer and on sending the product to you by email you will be deemed to have agreed:

  • To have given your agreement for us to provide the service (provision of the course or product)
  • That we have provided you with the required written information to make an informed decision in advance of our starting the provision of the service
  • That you were made aware (or had the opportunity to be made aware by reading the Refund and Cancellation policy) that your cancellation rights had ended as soon as we started to carry out the contract
  • That you have received the full benefit of the course/product.


If you believe that you are entitled to an exchange or refund under the terms set out above please notify Sailtrain within 72 hours of purchase. You can contact us by email at