Portland course plotter and 7″ dividers kit

Recommended to RYA students taking training courses. A bright blue directional arrow prevents accidental reciprocal bearings and the edges are graduated for tide and boat speed. Fixed grid base helps plotting lat. and long. from GPS. Kit includes dividers with brass finish.


This new Syllabus and Logbook (G158) provides detailed information about the structure and content of the practical and shorebased courses for both sail and motor cruising with the RYA Yachtmaster Scheme.

This book effectively combines, updates and replaces RYA Sail Cruising & Yachtmaster Scheme Syllabus and Logbook (G15) and RYA Motor Cruising & Yachtmaster Scheme Syllabus and Logbook (G18). It also allows students to record their passages and provides a repository for each of their RYA certificates.


RYA International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea outlines the regulations concerning what should be done when a vessel is coming into contact with any other vessels.

It is therefore a vital aspect of seamanship, as every person taking to the seas must be confident that they will know what to do in these situations.

Outlined within the chapters is information on the conduct of vessels in many different situations. These are clearly laid out, enabling the reader to accurately translate the rules.

This is a revised edition of this title, originally printed in 1988, and last updated in 2003.


Cockpit Cards – Consists of:

  • Navigation Lights and Shapes (set of 4)
  • Chart Symbols & Abbreviations (set of 4)
  • Rule of the Road
  • Buoyage
  • Distress Signals
  • Mayday Procedure
  • International Code Flag
  • Sound Signals.

Awarded a ‘Recommended Product’ by Sailing Today Magazine this handy set of Cockpit Cards are full of useful information presented in a clear, crisp format of heavily encapsulated cards printed using light-fast ink. Recommended for all cruising boats.


Whether you are studying navigation as part of an RYA course or just want to know more about the art of navigation, this book is highly recommended.

The RYA has adapted its Dayskipper, Coastal skipper, and Yachtmaster courses to reflect the fact that many sailors and motor boats now regard electronic instruments as their principal means of navigation.

This book gives equal weight to both electronic and traditional methods, through both the means of power and sail.


This new edition of the RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Notes is the official title which accompanies the course and it has also been designed as an excellent “aide-memoire” which covers a wide range of subjects that the cruising skipper will find useful to have at hand.

The book covers the essentials of safety, navigation and seamanship for sail and motor cruising. It comprehensively covers the syllabus and includes the latest developments in electronic navigation and techniques.

This new edition has been updated to include motor vessels in order to appeal to both sail and power readers; the illustrations have been completely modernised and the look and feel of the layout has benefitted from an overall redesign.


Written by a sailor for sailors, the RYA Weather Handbook explains the complexities of weather and is full of practical and useful advice on how to understand weather maps and improve your forecasting skills.

The RYA Weather Handbook has been written to complement the RYA Day skipper and Coastal Skipper/ RYA Yachtmaster syllabus and is recommended reading for anyone taking these courses. It’ll enable you to make more informed decisions and it’s full of practical advice on how to understand weather maps and improve your forecasting skill


RYA An Introduction to Navigation is the latest in the RYA’s popular Navigation series. The book guides the reader through the basic steps of navigation so that they can learn to navigate successfully. It is therefore an absolute must for everybody, whether studying for the RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship, or merely looking to refresh their knowledge.




The latest edition of this best-selling manual, published in association with the UK’s three leading first-aid providers, St John’s Ambulance, St Andrew’s Ambulance Association and the British Red Cross, gives you the knowledge you need instantly if someone falls ill or gets hurt.

Live-action step-by-step photographs show you how to treat casualties and over 100 medical conditions and injuries, from minor burns to heart attacks. Find information on the latest life-saving procedures and resuscitation guidelines as well as basic first aid techniques, like bandaging and applying dressings.


Written for leisure boat owners, the RYA Diesel Engine Handbook is essential reading for anyone doing the one-day RYA Diesel Engine Course. Includes a free DVD giving expert instruction and top tips from Nick Eales of Seastart.

Easy to follow text and beautifully detailed colour illustrations enable the reader to develop the knowledge and confidence required by al diesel engine boat owners.


Something different to expand the RYA navigation series, Tim Bartlett’s RYA Astro Navigation Handbook delves into the ancient art of navigating by the moon and stars.

Within the book, the reader will find a range of information from the basics of Astro navigation, right up to how to use the more complex formulas involved in the art.

This book is an ideal progression from any basic navigation books.


Follows the syllabus of the RYA One-Day Radar Course and is ideal for anyone requiring a working knowledge of radar.




From the author of the best-selling RYA Navigation Handbook, Tim Bartlett, this brand new title details everything that sailors need to know about using VHF radios to contact coast guards and other boats.

It explains how VHF works, the rules and regulations which govern it and the procedures that must be followed.

Essential background reading for anyone taking a VHF course. Compliments existing RYA VHF titles, Supports RYA VHF courses, Expert advice from Tim Bartlett


This 3rd edition is ideal for anyone preparing for their VHF Operator’s Short Range Certificate (SRC) examination as it lists the syllabus and includes practice questions to help you prepare for the SRC written test.

This book helps you prepare for the SRC examination by taking you through:

The examination syllabus

The content of assessment

Sample exam questions


This is the RYA’s official title to support the CEVNI test to assist with the level of understanding needed to pass the test.

This new edition of RYA European Waterways Regulations has been fully updated and is essential reading for anyone taking the CEVNI qualification.

The exciting new colourful format, with user-friendly text and illustrations, enables the reader to find information quickly – a perfect learning tool and reference.


This new book will help anyone to pass the CEVNI test, whether taken online or in written form. It is colourfully illustrated and user-friendly, enabling boaters new and experienced to find the information needed quickly.

If you are going cruising on the inland waterways of Europe then it is essential that you understand what you may see and hear while there. While our RYA European Waterways Regulations (G17 and e-G17) is our official text for the CEVNI test, this handy guide is the perfect text to provide a quick-reference guide to the lights, shapes, sounds, and signs you may encounter.


Updated RYA Training Almanac, containing practice navigation tables. Buy separately or in a pack with training charts 3 and 4.

Please note that this product is for training purposes only, and is not to be used for navigation


The book is designed to accompany the new RYA’s Professional Practices and Responsibilities course and is written by Simon Jinks, a former RYA Chief Cruising Instructor and an acknowledged authority in the field of small vessel training and safety management.

Filled with essential information, it will help the reader understand and execute their duty of care, and gives the principles, guidance and techniques to make the right choices and decisions for all craft operating commercially from small RIBs up to 200gt vessels.


Rigging is often portrayed as a black art which means that cruising sailors lack the confidence to tamper or adjust it through the fear of the unknown.

This publication aims to change that by splicing together a whole range of little known gems about rigging allowing the reader to fully get into the heart of this frequently overlooked subject.



This book highlights the importance of having the correct safety equipment and will also give you the knowledge of how and when to use it, making it invaluable for anyone who takes a boat offshore for racing or cruising.

It is also the official text for the RYA Basic Sea Survival Course




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