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The RYA Yachtmaster Ocean online theory course is the first stage in obtaining the prestigious RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate of Competence.

The RYA Online Yachtmaster Ocean course costs £275 including the course pack that contains the neseccary Sight Reduction tables, Nautical Almanac extracts, Course information booklet and your Shorebased notes publication that will act as an Aide-mémoire throughout the online course.

This online course is equally suited to those that aspire to blue water cruising, or those who just want to learn traditional navigation.

You do not need a Sextant to take the course.

The Yachtmaster Ocean theory course will equip you with the necessary theoretical skills to carry out an ocean passage as mate or skipper. The course will cover all aspects of ocean navigation, with a particular emphasis on the use of astro-navigation and worldwide meteorology.

The sessions on astro-navigation will unlock the mysteries of the sextant and allow you to confidently take sights at sea to obtain your position and carry out compass checks.

Ocean sailing is, however, about more than just using a sextant. Another important aspect of ocean sailing is worldwide meteorology, passage planning and communications at sea.

Publications that assist the ocean navigator such as routeing charts and other pilot books will be covered.

This course is suitable for those who hold a theory certificate to the level of Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Offshore or equivalent.


Your RYA-approved Online Yachtmaster Ocean theory course is provided by Navathome, a RYA Recognised Training Centre specialising in online training, and consists of detailed, animated lessons that are heavily image-based. The lessons are all online and can be accessed from your PC or Mac.

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Each section is followed by a set of questions which can be answered quickly and easily online. Once you submit your answer, you’ll be provided with instant feedback and will gain access to a detailed answer page. Some of your answers will then be forwarded on to your delegated instructor, who can provide you with help and support if necessary.

You will receive RYA Certification on satisfactory completion of the course.

Your Ocean Yachtmaster theory course costs  £275 and includes the RYA pack so wherever you are in the world, you’ll receive material that’s completely tailored to your needs.

By clicking a payment button you are agreeing to Navathome’s terms and conditions available here.

Where ever you purchase your course, as with all courses, the quality will of the course be greatly influenced by the quality of the Instructor. By clicking the add to cart button below and only available from this web site, your course Instructor will be Peter. Peter is a very experienced RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Instructor with over 25 years’ experience in providing RYA tuition to students of all abilities.

Peter has extensively sailed the Atlantic, Caribbean, Irish sea, English Channel, North Sea, Inland waterways of Holland, Aegean and the Mediterranean and whilst Peter will happily assist the highly experienced Seafarer in obtaining top end qualifications, Peter particularly enjoys helping beginners to achieve their own personal goals.

There is an six-month initial access period. In the unlikely event that you will need an extension, there is an option to extend as many times as you like until you pass your assessment. The cost of administrating each 6-month extension, beyond the initial 6 months, is £30.

Invigilated assessments
If you wish to claim exemption to the written element of the Ocean Yachtmaster practical oral exam, the RYA now require the end of course theory assessment to be invigilated at an approved RYA Training centre (of which we are one) or the candidate can take an extra paper during the oral examination.

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Full Syllabus

This is a course in astro-navigation and worldwide meteorology which also reveals the mysteries of the sextant. It assumes a knowledge of all subjects covered in the other shorebased courses.

1. The earth and the celestial sphere

Definition of observer’s zenith and position of a heavenly body in terms of latitude, longitude, GHA and declination Right angle relationships, latitude and co-lat, declination and polar distance Relationship between GHA, longitude and LHA Tabulation of declination in nautical almanac Rate of increase of hour angle with time

2. The PZX triangle

The tabulated components of the triangle, LHA, co-lat and polar distance The calculable components, zenith distance and azimuth Relationship between zenith distance and altitude Introduction to the tabular method of solution in the Air Navigation Tables and the basic sight form The use of calculators for the solution of the PZX triangle

3. The sextant

Practical guide to the use and care of a sextant at sea Conversion of sextant altitude to true altitude Application of dip, index error and refraction Correction of side error, perpendicularity, index error and collimation error

4. Measurement of time

Definition of, and relationship between, UT, LMT, standard time and zone time Rating of chronometers and watches

5. Meridian altitudes

Forecasting time of meridian altitude Reduction of meridian altitude sights

6. Sun, star and other sights

Reduction and plotting of sun sights using Air Navigation Tables Awareness of use of calculator for sight reduction The plotting of sun-run-sun meridian altitude Awareness of the reduction and plotting of sights obtained from stars, moon and planets

7. Compass checking

Use of amplitude and azimuth tables systems and/or calculator

8. Satellite Navigation Systems

Principles and limitations of use of all systems

9. Great circle sailing

Comparison of rhumb lines and great circles Vertices and composite tracks The computation of a series of rhumb lines approximating to a great circle by use of gnomonic and Mercator projections

10. Meteorology

General pressure distribution and prevailing winds over the oceans of the world Tropical revolving storms, seasonal occurrence and forecasting by observation

11. Passage planning

Publications available to assist with planning of long passages (routeing charts, ocean passages of the world and other publications) Preparation for ocean passage including survival equipment, victualling, water and fuel management, chafe protection, spares and maintenance

12. Passage making

Navigational routine Watchkeeping Crew management

13. Communications

Satellite and terrestrial systems Weather information

Pack Shipping details
Packs will be shipped for free to most destinations within the mainland United Kingdom.

We cannot deliver to a PO Box address. A physical address will be required in all circumstances.

A valid contact telephone number for the student will also need to be provided at the time of making the booking.

Packs to Russia must go to a Business address.

Sailtrain will not accept responsibility for Packs sent to Marinas, or C/O addresses. If the pack goes missing after it has been signed for, replacement packs will only be provided at the students expense.

Details of any special delivery requirements should be provided in the notes section of your Booking form.

The shipment of packs to the following destinations not shown above, will incur the below indicated additional charge:

Albania £30.00
Algeria £42.00
Andorra £25.00
Angola £42.00
Anguilla £42.00
Antigua and Barbuda £42.00
Argentina £42.00
Armenia £42.00
Aruba £42.00
Australia £40.00
Austria £20.00
Azerbaijan £42.00
Bahamas £42.00
Bahrain £40.00
Barbados £42.00
Bburundi £42.00
Belarus £50.00
Belgium £15.00
Belize £42.00
Benin £42.00
Bermuda £42.00
Bhutan £40.00
Bolivia £42.00
Bosnia and Herzegovina £30.00
Botswana £42.00
Brazil £42.00
Brunei Darussalam £42.00
Bulgaria £20.00
Burkina Faso £42.00
Cambodia £42.00
Cameroon £42.00
Canada £30.00
Cape Verde £42.00
Cayman Islands £42.00
Chad £42.00
Chile £42.00
China £40.00
Colombia £42.00
Comoros £42.00
Congo £42.00
Cook Islands £42.00
Costa Rica £42.00
Croatia £20.00
Cyprus £25.00
Czech Republic £20.00
Democratic Republic of Congo £42.00
Denmark £20.00
Djibouti £42.00
Dominica £42.00
Dominican Republic £42.00
Ecuador £42.00
Egypt £42.00
El Salvador £42.00
Eriteria £40.00
Estonia £20.00
Ethiopia £42.00
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) £42.00
Faroe Islands £30.00
Fiji £42.00
Finland £20.00
France £15.00
French Guiana £42.00
French Polynesia £42.00
Gabon £42.00
Gambia £42.00
Georgia £42.00
Germany £15.00
Gibraltar £15.00
Greece £20.00
Greenland £30.00
Grenada £42.00
Guadeloupe £42.00
Guam £42.00
Guatemala £42.00
Guinea £42.00
Guinea Bissau £42.00
Guyana £42.00
Holy See (Vatican City State) £20.00
Honduras £42.00
Hong Kong £40.00
Hungary £20.00
Iceland £30.00
India £40.00
Indonesia £40.00
Ireland £15.00
Israel £30.00
Italy £20.00
Jamaica £42.00
Japan £40.00
Jersey £15.00
Jordan £40.00
Kazakhstan £42.00
Kenya £42.00
Kiribati £42.00
Korea, Republic of £42.00
Kuwait £42.00
Kyrgyzstan £42.00
Laos £42.00
Latvia £20.00
Lebanon £42.00
Lesotho £42.00
Liechtenstein £25.00
Lithuania £20.00
Luxembourg £15.00
Macao £40.00
Macedonia £30.00
Madagascar £42.00
Malawi £42.00
Malaysia £42.00
Maldives £42.00
Mali £42.00
Malta £25.00
Marshall Islands £42.00
Martinique £42.00
Mauritania £42.00
Mauritius £42.00
Mayotte £42.00
Mexico £40.00
Micronesia, Federated States of £42.00
Moldova, Republic of £40.00
Monaco £20.00
Mongolia £42.00
Montenegro £30.00
Montserrat £42.00
Morocco £42.00
Mozambique £42.00
Myanmar £40.00
Namibia £42.00
Nauru £42.00
Nepal £40.00
Netherlands £15.00
Netherlands Antilles £42.00
New Caledonia £42.00
New Zealand £40.00
Nicaragua £42.00
Niger £42.00
Nigeria £42.00
Niue £42.00
Norfolk Island £42.00
Norway £20.00
Oman £40.00
Palau £42.00
Panama £42.00
Papua new guinea £42.00
Paraguay £42.00
Peru £42.00
Philippines £40.00
Pitcairn £42.00
Poland £20.00
Portugal £20.00
Qatar £42.00
Reunion £42.00
Romania £20.00
Russian Federation £40.00
Rwanda £42.00
Saint Helena £42.00
Saint Kitts and Nevis £42.00
Saint Lucia £42.00
Saint Pierre and Miquelon £42.00
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines £42.00
Samoa £42.00
San Marino £20.00
Sao Tome and Principe £40.00
Saudi Arabia £40.00
Senegal £40.00
Serbia £30.00
Seychelles £42.00
Sierra Leone £42.00
Singapore £40.00
Slovakia £20.00
Slovenia £20.00
Solomon Islands £40.00
Somalia £42.00
South Africa £40.00
South Korea £40.00
Spain £15.00
Sri Lanka £40.00
St Martin and St Maarten £42.00
St. Barthélemy £42.00
Suriname £42.00
Svalbard and Jan Mayen £42.00
Swaziland £42.00
Sweden £20.00
Switzerland £20.00
Taiwan £40.00
Tajikistan £42.00
Tanzania, United Republic of £42.00
Thailand £40.00
Togo £42.00
Tonga £42.00
Trinidad and Tobago £42.00
Tunisia £42.00
Turkey £42.00
Turkmenistan £42.00
Turks and Caicos Islands £42.00
Tuvalu £42.00
Uganda £42.00
Ukraine £42.00
United Arab Emirates £40.00
United Kingdom £0.00
United States of America £30.00
Uruguay £42.00
Vanuatu £42.00
Venezuela £42.00
Vietnam £42.00
Virgin Islands, British £42.00
Wallis and Futuna £42.00
Yemen £42.00
Zambia £42.00
Zimbabwe £42.00

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