Safety Equipment

Safety is Always our Top Priority

All vessels offered for delivery must carry an in-date, in-service life raft. Life rafts and flares can be hired from ‘South East Marine’, 01268 534427. we cannot take life rafts or flares on board passenger aircraft for safety reasons but they may be transported by any other means to the boat.

Safety Equipment:

The minimum equipment required for all offshore voyages is shown below.
Please note that this is the minimum and it is usually prudent to carry more.

  • 4 Parachute Rocket Flares
  • 2 Orange Smokes
  • 6 Red Handheld flares
  • 2 White pinpoint flares or Hi beam search light.
  • Dan Buoy or M.O.B. System
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Bolt Croppers/Wire Cutters
  • Hack Saw and blades
  • First Aid Kit

Grab Bag Contents

The Grab Bag should include:

  • 2 Parachute Rocket Flares
  • 3 Handheld Flares
  • A watertight Handheld VHF radio plus spare batteries
  • Watertight flashlight with spare batteries and bulb
  • Watertight handheld GPS
  • A SART (Search and rescue transponder beacon). At the discretion of the Skipper, may not be required
  • Dry suits or survival bags
  • Second sea anchor with swivel and 30m of line
  • 2 safety tin openers
  • A 406 EPIRB (At the discretion of the Skipper, May not be required)
  • First aid kit
  • Signalling mirror