Yacht Delivery Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions:

Any agreement for the delivery or assisted delivery of a vessel shall be between Sailtrain Limited of 21 Louvaine Ave, Wickford, Essex. SS12 0DR and the vessel owner.

For the consideration agreed Sailtrain Limited will provide the services of a Delivery Skipper.

If in the opinion of the Delivery Skipper the vessel is not fit and ready to leave on the agreed date the Delivery Skipper reserves the right to terminate the delivery agreement to deliver the vessel, without cost or penalty to either party.

It shall be the sole responsibility of the Delivery Skipper to delay the delivery voyage on account of adverse weather conditions, or to put into any harbour on account of anticipated or stress of weather conditions and, In the event of the voyage being delayed or terminated due to breakdown, defects, hostile acts, disputes, or any other reason beyond the control of the Delivery Skipper.

The owner confirms that: The vessel is in commission and ready for sea. All machinery and gear is fully serviced, maintained and in full working order. Standing and running rigging is fully serviced, maintained and in good working order. Sails are in good working order, of sufficient quantity and appropriate for the passage to be undertaken. All offshore safety equipment is in service, including but not limited to, an in-service life-raft & flares, fire extinguishers, man-overboard recovery gear and an EPIRB. There are sufficient spares and tools. The vessel is fully insured for the anticipated passage.

The Delivery Skipper reserves the right to: Deviate from the proposed route if necessary and if in the interest of the safety of the vessel or crew and to terminate the delivery agreement before arrival at the port of destination in the interest of safety of the vessel or crew.

Sailtrain Limited and/or the delivery Skipper shall not be responsible for normal wear of the Vessel, her gear or equipment, nor for any failure of the Vessel or equipment while under prudent operation in a manner consistent with established practices, nor is Sailtrain Limited or the Delivery Skipper responsible for losses or damage due to piracy, war, government actions, acts of God including storms, lightning, or other natural phenomena. Neither Sailtrain Limited or the delivery Skipper shall not be responsible for damages or injury to the Vessel or Crew, or for termination of the voyage due to the causes designated in these terms and conditions.

Insurance for the delivery is required to be covered by the Boat Owners Insurance.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by, and in accordance with English law. All claims must be made in England. Should the Owner feel they have any claim against the Delivery Skipper, this claim must be made in writing within a fair and reasonable time.