ICC Online Theory Course

If you want to cruise outside the UK you are likely to need certification, often in the form of the International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

The SAILTRAIN International Certificate of Competence Online theory course is designed to give you the necessary theory skills required to pass your practical ICC assessment.

  • This course includes animated diagrams on how to berth in varying wind conditions for both motor and sail.
  • Man overboard recovery under motor and sail.
  • Turning in a confined space under motor and sail.
  • Animated practical tips.

We help you every step of the way

Auto-help feature gives you instant help if your answers are incorrect.
Hint buttons make it easy to remember the steps required to answer questions and reach a successful conclusion.

Assessment methods within the courses ensure student training is Evaluated, Validated and Recorded.

Not videos or slide shows but brilliant animated lessons that make it fun and even addictive.

The course only costs £90 for the Economy version and includes: The online Course, 2 online practice Charts and an online Almanac. You will need a printer to print your practice Charts and Almanac.

Economy Version

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Alernatively for an additional £60 you can obtain a Full version that includes:

  • Two printed A3 practice charts
  • A printed training Almanac
  • A Bretton type plastic plotter
  • A set of dividers
  • Free delivery to the UK
Full Version

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ICC theory course Syllabus.

  • Seamanship: – includes parts of the boat, types of warp, knots, chain, anchoring, tying up, preparation for sea and port or starboard tack.
  • Introduction to chart work: – chart Familiarisation, points of the compass, latitude and longitude, position of an object, using a Portland type plotter, finding position on a chart.
  • Tidal heights and streams: – what causes tides, terminology, tidal height calculations, using tide tables, using the tidal curve, secondary ports, computation of rates, tidal streams using tidal diamonds and the tidal stream atlas.
  • Position fixing: -, compass variation, compass deviation, position fixing using various methods, dead reckoning and estimated position.
  • Course to steer: – How to plot a course to steer taking into account tidal flow and leeway, how to maintain an accurate ground track.
  • GPS: – Abbreviations and terminology, how to use a GPS, raster and vector charts and updating charts.
  • Buoyage and pilotage: – Available information, identification of buoys and their lights and shapes, using forward and back bearings, using tidal graphs.
  • Safety: – Safety briefs, mayday and rescue, life jackets, abandon ship, actions in fog and radar reflectors.
  • Lessons on how to berth in varying conditions

This ICC theory course has a six-month initial access period. In the unlikely event that you will need an extension, there is an option to extend as many times as you like until you pass your assessment. The cost of administrating each 6-month extension, beyond the initial 6 months, is £30.

For details of the ICC Practical assessment please click here